Beach Wedding Ideas For Your Dream Day

What could be more romantic then a beach wedding, surrounded by family and friends, while in the background the ocean plays its own soft music? Here are some beach wedding ideas to help complete the perfect harmony of the day.

A unique and really lovely idea is to say your vows under a wedding canopy on the beach.

Use tiki torches along the perimeter of the wedding area. They put out a delightful flickering glow and are long lasting.

Take advantage of the beach and its beauty and line the wedding aisle with conch shells or the like.

At the end of the ceremony, place palm fronds down the aisle for the newlyweds to walk on after they leave the canopy or altar area.

As you plan your seating arrangement you need to think about 2 key things.

First, creating a focal point so that all guests can view the ceremony. Second, make sure each guest has easy access to enter and leave their seat.

The seating layout you choose will depend on the number of guests who will be attending.

A less expensive way to have beautiful beach wedding flowers is to use those native to where your wedding will take place. If you arrange them yourself and buy the flowers in bunches or wholesale it will be a huge savings.

Here is an idea for a striking beach wedding centerpiece that is easy to do and inexpensive. Go to a dollar or discount store and buy clear cylindrical or square glass containers 6" to 10" tall. At a craft store buy packages of seashells, and candles that you can float. Fill the container about one third to half way with the shells, then add water to about 2" from the top. Place the candle on the water and light the candle.

There are so many wonderful yet low cost centerpieces you can make, just use your imagination and try out different ideas.

For a beach wedding favor to give each guest, find beach motif small picture frames. Place the guest's name in the frame and after it has been used as a place mark they can take it home and put a picture from your wedding in it.

The food you will want to serve at your beach wedding will depend on the facilities available at your venue and whether it will be snack and finger food, lunch or dinner. Do remember to serve and use food that is local and gives the guests the feeling that they are indeed sharing a special day at the beach.

Your wedding cake choices are almost limitless, and here are few things to think about; just be sure you do taste testing before a final decision on the cake is made.

If you have a square tiered cake it serves more people then a round one. It also has more surface to decorate in the beach theme.

How about a tiered stand with decorated beach theme cupcakes and the top tier a small wedding cake for the bride and groom to keep or for the traditional cake cutting. At a beach wedding the cupcakes have the advantage of each person being served one and no cake cutting.

At the end of the day and with the sand and sea making a most awesome backdrop, may these beach wedding ideas have contributed to your lasting memories.
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