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Winter Wedding Themes

When you are planning your own wedding, a winter wedding theme just might not cross your mind. You may think to yourself that it would be difficult to hold a wedding during the season of winter because of the weather conditions that come with it. But what you do not know is that winter can be the ideal season for you to hold your wedding. And there are so many reasons behind this that you will surely enjoy.

For starters, there would certainly be a significant decrease in the number of people who would want to get married during winter season. Thus, you won't have that much trouble in getting the location that you want, both for your ceremony and your reception. In fact, you just might not need to book in advance at all! Well, to be safe than sorry, you should still go ahead and book these locations or venues in advance. And since there are not too many people getting married during winter, then you get first dibs when it comes to your photographer, your videographer, your band and deejay for the reception, and even your florist for the ceremony and the reception! You will surely have so many options when it comes to these very important aspects for your wedding.

And since this is not a busy season for weddings, you can then close great deals with the different wedding vendors you will surely find along your way. And because this is the season for Christmas, then winter wedding decorations and winter wedding favors are then available at discount prices for you as well! Think snowflakes and frosted wedding favors for your guests. Miniature snowmen and Christmas trees for trinkets make great wedding favors. You can also use ice sculptures for wedding decorations at your reception, and even during the wedding ceremony itself! And you can get all of these at very low prices as well!

You and your partner can ask both your families and friends for more ideas and suggestions for your winter wedding. And if you still need more for variety, you can easily browse the web for more. This way, you are sure to get as many winter wedding ideas for your benefit.

When choosing a winter wedding theme, just remember that your preferences should be prioritized. This way, you are guaranteed to have a very special wedding, one that you and your partner will surely remember for the rest of your lives.

Seasonal Wedding Themes

Below are some ideas which will hopefully give you the inspiration to create your perfect wedding day. Remember to use the below ideas as a spring board to help you find your own wedding theme.

Spring - Think of fresh greens and yellows for your wedding theme. Keep things clean and contemporary by choosing wedding invitations with a lot of white space. You could give seeds as wedding favours, these will allow guests to remember your special day long after it is over. Perhaps create custom seed packets with your names and the date of your wedding.

Summer - Choose hot colours such as vibrant pinks and oranges. Mix and match clashing colours to create a colour feast for the eyes. Think bold patterns and strong shapes. Gold complements pinks and oranges well whilst adding a touch of richness to the occasion. Maybe decorate your venue with pink, orange and yellow Gerberas. Tie a single flower to the back of each chair with an organza bow.

Autumn - Think burnt oranges, deep reds and chocolate browns. Again gold really compliments these colours. Maybe choose invites that use a leaf skeleton for decoration. Autumn berries can be added to the bride's bouquet to keep with the theme. Rich red flowers can decorate the tables along with scented candles.

Winter - Pale blues, white and silver should be your choice here. Think snowflakes, icicles and glitter. Decorate tables with scatter crystals or foil confetti. To add warmth to the occasion use simple white candles on each table. Use white name tags attached to serviettes with silver ribbon to help seat your guests. Wedding favours could be organza bags filled with silver or white sugar coated chocolates or almonds.

Rustic Winter Wedding Ideas

A rustic wedding theme creates a warm, earthy, organic, and romantic atmosphere that's perfect for any winter wedding! Whether your wedding will be in a trendy loft in the city or a charming farm house in the country, this fun & unique wedding theme will work great for any budget.

When I invasion a rustic wedding, I picture a sophisticated, sort-of country style, using lot's of natural elements to decorate. This creates a lot of opportunity for do-it-yourself projects, using things that might even come from your own back yard, such as twigs, bark, pinecones or berries.

Here are some really chic rustic ideas for your wedding reception table centerpieces:

• Use vintage tin pails for your flowers. A rustic red color looks stunning, especially if the container is a little worn, showing some of the silver tin where the paint has rubbed off. Antique stores and flea markets usually have plenty of these to choose from. Or, if you're not on a tight budget, you can purchase them from places like Pottery Barn.

• Use fruits and vegetables, like artichoke, pears, apples, or eggplant as your main focal point, placing them in unique vintage containers. Add other elements in and around your fruit or vegetable centerpieces like herbs, flowers, twine, and candles to tie the look in.

• Branches look wonderful incorporated into a centerpiece, either being placed in tall vases or just simply resting on the table along with your other centerpiece decorations. You can save a lot of money by collecting branches, sticks, and twigs yourself, or you can choose to purchase them at craft stores.

• A large slice of wood from a tree trunk work great as a stand for your centerpieces. You can even personalize each one on a corner with the initials of the bride and groom and wedding date, perhaps surrounded by a heart. Place centerpiece items on top of it, like glass cylinder vases filled with candles and wrapped with ribbon, and then maybe some dried flowers resting around the base of the vases.

• Create your own rustic candles or flower pots by simply purchasing or finding old glass jars and tins, and then wrapping and decorating them with things like cinnamon sticks, vines, twigs, twine, moss, fabric, or even buttons!

• An easy way to incorporate a lot of natural elements is by using things like berries, walnut shells, acorns, pinecones and rocks in your glass candle holders or in the vases holding your branches, twigs or flowers.

• Vintage wooden bird cages can add a really charming touch to your centerpieces. Surround them with things such as moss balls, flowers, and candles.

• Lanterns are one of my favorite centerpieces. A large oil rubbed bronze or black lantern surrounded by moss and river rocks looks stunning! It's also easy to accomplish on a budget.

Don't be afraid to let each table have it's own unique style. With a rustic style, you don't want a uniform look anyway! If fact, you can choose to have each table be completely different and then give each one it's own unique name. For instance, you can have a "walk in the woods" table using lots of wood elements and candles, and perhaps a "romantically rustic" table using lots of antiques and ruby reds.

Glamorous Winter Wedding Ideas

A winter wedding has a special romance about it. With the colder weather outside, everyone feels like snuggling together a little more. Hot cocoa, sleigh rides, cuddling in front of a fire; it is no wonder winter wedding themes are glamorous and inviting. The colors for a winter wedding are the most stunning. Not just limited to red and green, winter weddings work well with pure white, gold, purple, silver, ruby, midnight blue, sapphire, teal green, emerald, or ice blue. Sparkling crystals and delicate snowflakes can turn your wedding into a "magical wonderland".

Fur is gorgeous for the bride or bridesmaids to wear. Consider a sleek silvery or pure white gown with a floor length hooded cape. Or perhaps a billowing chiffon "Cinderella-style" gown is more your taste, with a fur muff or hat added. A friend of mine got married in a classic white dress with red trim and a matching floor length red cape with a fur trimmed hood and muff. Even though it was several years ago people still remember and talk about that amazing gown. Long dresses for your bridesmaids are most appropriate. If the gowns you choose are sleeveless or short sleeved, they can be made more visually suited to the weather with elbow length gloves. If you wish your bridesmaids to have fur in their outfits, hats, muff, or capes can all be added. White roses tipped with one of your other wedding colors make a simple, but striking statement. Don't forget you can also add ice crystals into your bouquet to make it sparkle even more.

Glitter can make almost any invitation fit your wintery wonderland theme. Silver and blue are probably the most traditional colors for a cold weather wedding, but don't be afraid to mix it up and try other combinations, such as ruby red with gold lettering and glitter or emerald green with white lettering and clear glitter.

Decorations are where you will need to watch your budget the closest because it is easy to get carried away with all the dramatic ways you can turn your venue into a surprising wonderland. "Drape pure white or silver gossamer fabric on walls. Hang twinkle lights behind the material to make it "sparkle and glitter"." Be sure you choose "cool lights" to ensure there is not an unexpected fire. Midnight blue tulle suspended across the ceiling with lights inside it is another dazzling decoration. Foil or delicate cutout snowflakes dangling from the ceiling is a simple yet eye-catching way to simulate a snowfall. Another spectacular idea is bare branches from trees spray painted white or silver and then decorated with lights and icicle, white, or other matching colored ornaments. Mirrors and candles are perfect table decorations, promoting intimacy with the light and sparkle with the reflections. Glitter can enhance the snow theme on the tables as well.
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